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The Whiteside Tartan


I was commissioned to design a tartan for the Whiteside Family,

incorporating these colours and details

Brown: for all the horses and cattle we liberated along the Scottish border.

Steel grey: for the steel bonnet and border lance we used to provide for our family.

A fine line of white: for the family name Whiteside

A fine line of Red: for the blood we spilled on the fields of battle in every war up to today.


 It was accepted into the Scottish Register of Tartans
Whiteside Tartan

This is a selection of items commissioned for a family gift pack,  I'm happy to work to order

The tartan was first woven in 100% pure new wool in 2020 sadly no stock is currently available, although I'm happy still to offer bow ties and notebooks

I am now seeking payments and deposits for a reweaving, once I have sufficient interest I will be able to commission the weave, which usually takes around 12 - 16  weeks to complete but it's well worth being patient as this is a wonderful cloth and an unique chance to buy this family tartan.


Typical prices for a scarf  (25cm x 180cm) from £42  sash/large scarf (230cm x 40cm)  from £85 , Traditional  hand sewn 8 yard kilt from £575 - a deposit is taken and then measurements will be  obtained when the cloth has arrived.

 £30 for a Gents long tie or bow tie,  meterage price of tartan £68 , all excluding postage. If you have a particular item in mind that isn't covered I would be very happy to quote on that.


, There are links below to purchase several items, please click on the appropiate button and it directs you to a payment portal, where you can use paypal or many other forms of credit card, it you have any queries please contact me more  information please email for further details