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The Whiteside Tartan


I was commissioned to design a tartan for the Whiteside Family,

incorporating these colours and details

Brown: for all the horses and cattle we liberated along the Scottish border.

Steel grey: for the steel bonnet and border lance we used to provide for our family.

A fine line of white: for the family name Whiteside

A fine line of Red: for the blood we spilled on the fields of battle in every war up to today.


 It was accepted into the Scottish Register of Tartans
Whiteside Tartan

This is a selection of items commissioned for a family gift pack,  I'm happy to work to order

The tartan was first woven in 100% pure new wool in 2020 sadly no stock is currently available, although I'm happy still to offer bow ties and notebooks

Typical items for sale include Scarves, ladies Sashes, Gents ties long and bow, small notebooks and cufflinks,  but I am also happy to supply small pieces of tartan for individual craft projects as well.If there is interest I am happy to commission another bolt of cloth

Typical prices for a scarf  (25cm x 180cm) from £38 sash/large scarf (230cm x 40cm)  from £75

 £32 for a Gents long tie or bow tie,  meterage price of tartan £62 , all excluding postage


, but please contact me for more  information please email for further details