Paul Henry Kilts

Traditional and Contemporary kilts sewn to order                                           

  Ordering a  kilt needs some care and plenty of thought, it  is usually a reasonable investment and designed to last for many years.

Some men have only one kilt in their family clan tartan, in a traditional 8 yard style, some have several  traditional styled ones often in a  range in tartans. These are usually worn  for  special occasions rather than everyday.

But it seems more frequently that today many men have a selection of kilts in a  variety of styles and fabrics, some for special days, and some for everyday and casual attire.

  The choice is entirely down to you, there are no “kilt police” and you can choose whatever  tartan you like, with very few exceptions. Whatever you chose  it’s important that you are happy with it, whether by association , history or colour. If it is your first kilt, it’s nice to find a family or historical connection if you can. There are of course some “universal” tartans which are absolutely open for anyone to wear, and then there is the range of plain colours and tweeds without any problems. Choosing a modern fabric changes everything and opens up a whole new realm of possibilities.

  Generally a tartan kilt is seen as more formal and a denim kilt as casual , but with a more  careful choice of  shoes , socks, shirts and jackets you could be attired for almost any event in either style.

  The next few pages take you through the choices, read through the options and take time to decide on what works best for you and if you would like any help  I’m very happy to help.